Helpful tips to save you from a house fire

You may think that your house is immune to all kinds of fires and you would never face such an emergency where you would need to vacate the place – hopefully. But mishaps happen and it house fires are more common than you would imagine them to be. One moment you are having some valuable family time in front of a fireplace and the next thing you know children are shouting and flames are rising and you would not know what to do in such situation because you never planned.

This is why here we have a few safety tips for your house:

  • Kitchen safety tips
  • Never leave food especially oil unattended. If you need to go out of kitchen for a while make sure to turn off all stoves.
  • If you have long hair, tie them up in a bun or wear a hat, this not only saves you from your hair catching fire but also your food from catching stray hairs.
  • Take care of your clothing, make sure it isn’t too loose to get stuck somewhere and your sleeves aren’t too long to catch fire.
  • Don’t wear extra dangling jewellery that can catch fire because there have been cases of jewellery melting into skin due to heat.
  • Keep all paper towels, wrappers and mitten out of the stove area as they are combustible.
  • Smoke detector installing tips
  • Fire equipment suppliers UAE like smoke detectors are a very good approach towards sparing yourself and your family a few minutes before fire spreads through alarm which can alert earlier.
  • According to new building codes, every room must have its own smoke detector and one outside each sleeping area, because they are all connected to each other all of them ring when one rings.
  • Keep the batteries updated and test alarms during day time to make sure its functioning properly. 
  • Avoid false alarms by replacing detectors every 5-10 years.
  • Keep fire extinguisher such as FM 200 fire suppression system suppliers around your house in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Keep an escape plan or escape route always in mind and teach it to kids as well, it is always a good idea to stay safe.

Author: admin