Things to know about Arabic voice over

Arabic is one of the world’s fifth most widely spoken languages with being official language of twenty eight plus countries including UN’s official language as well, yet the language is not easy to learn. Arabic voice over Dubai becomes all the more difficult and complicated which is why we would suggest you going through the list of following things in order to master the art of Arabic voice over:

  • Modern standard Arabic is widely spoken but not understood

MSA is one of the latest dialects in Arabic spoken in most of the formal settings. Children usually learn it in school which is why it is commonly spoken but for people who do not understand the latest concepts and words, it is confusing and that take them back to the classical Arabic. If you plan on using MSA voice over for e-learning or in formal settings then it is a great idea. But do not try to use it in entertainment industry or marketing as it would not be able to communicate your point.

  • Understand different colloquial in Arabic

Every region has its own variant dialect of using the language and before you incorporate it in your audio recording studio in Dubai, here are some colloquial you must know about:

    • Egyptian Arabic – as suggested by its name – is widely spoken in Egypt but due to the fast spreading media, it is also understood in other regions as well.
    • Maghrebi Arabic is mainly spoken in the north-eastern part of Africa which is understood and enjoyed by Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria etc.
    • Iraqi Arabic is something you must have heard about as it is spoken in the eastern part of Syria and Iraq as well.
    • Gulf Arabic is the widely spoken throughout the gulf countries including parts of Iraq, Iran and Oman as well. Because of the region’s economic value, it is one of the widely spoken and understood colloquial of Arabic.
  • Consider local dialects and accents for entertainment purposes

As mentioned above not every Arabic and its dialect is understood by the audience which is why we would highly recommend you to choose the colloquial which you know is the best for the targeted regional audience. Try to localize the accent as well to make it understandable for everyone.

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