Things no one will tell you about PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint presentations are very necessary in different fields especially in the field of products manufacturing and in education. Businesses use this as a way of depicting their ideas and different solutions. Employees will be required to prepare a PowerPoint presentation design to let the upper management knows about their working progress and how their company is doing in the business. There are endless opportunities to use this program which most of the people do not know because they do not try to use its full functions. Here are some of the things which no one tell you about PowerPoint and corporate presentation design services are taking advantage of this not knowing and creating big amount, see here:

Images: When you try to use images in your presentation then there are different options which you can avail and crop or even customize the shape of your picture. You just need to select the slide having picture and browse the options. You will get different options like to add border, crop, customize the colors, mask to any shape.

Shapes: Like images there are many ways to change your shapes too. To start using this you just need to create a shape in your slide and then launch the edit shape button. You will many options which ask you to about your need. You can also add two or more shapes to create different groups through the grouping option. In this option you will get more ways to create a group of different shapes. You can combine two shapes and they will remain the same as they were earlier but with overlapping parts that darkens the area of overlapping, you can make a union of two shapes in which they combine completely without showing the overlapping parts, you can choose intersect option to show only the overlapping area of the two shapes and finally you can choose the subtract option to cuts down the overlapping part of one of these two shapes.

There are a million ways to use these shapes in different presentations. Even the same shapes can be used differently with changing size and angles; you just need to know about all these things and you will know about it with practice. If you do not practice then you will have to face so much trouble making these presentations of yours.

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